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private villas with pool

Take it from me – There’s nothing quite like a Private Villa holiday. Once you’ve had one, you’ll never want to go back to a “package holiday” again. I went on the first of many Private Villa holidays in 2004 (and set this website up not long after), and enjoyed it so much that I’ve taken one every year since.

The main thing I love about having your own private villa with pool for the duration of your holiday is the freedom it gives you to do whatever you like, and the ability to “get away from it all” (“it all” being the masses of sunburned tourists!) – You can jump in the car and explore miles and miles of local countryside, or you can do nothing and relax by your own private pool. You can choose whether to party all night long as one of the main resorts, or you can fire up a barbecue and open a bottle of Rioja watching the sun set over the mountains. Put simply, the choice is yours.

No two villas are the same, and whether you want a small, cosy “cottage-like” villa, or an expansive cribs-style mansion, you can always find what you’re looking for. Never again will you want to settle for a cramped hotel room with a tiny balcony overlooking the car park! Private Villa Rental is even easier than ever thanks to the Internet, which enables you to browse literally thousands of villas all over the world.

What I’ve tried to do with this website is bring you a small selection of those villas, hand-picked from my vast experience of private villa holidays.